Apollo Slab Tech – Compatible Sinks

Apollo Stainless Steel Sinks

Auxerre Sink*
Apollo Avignon*

*Please state left or right handed

Franke Stainless Steel Sinks

Franke ARX110 17
Franke ARX110 33
Franke ARX110 35
Franke ARX 160*
Franke KBX 110 45
Franke LAX 110 50

*Please state left or right handed

Solid Surface Sinks

Single solid surface bowl
Half solid surface bowl

Available in white only

Apollo Urban Sinks


The Apollo Urban sink has a stainless steel base and is available in the colour of your choice to match or co-ordinate with your worksurface.

  • The top edge detail will be bevel edge unless otherwise stated.
  • Stainless steel bases can be susceptible to scratching.
  • There can be a slight variation in colour between sink and worktop.
  • Corner radius on Urban sinks is 10mm.