Apollo Slab Tech – Aesthetics

Points of note

Hob flange needs to sit on aluminum thermal insulation tape around cut-out, to avoid conducting too much heat and causing cracks in the worktop.

Can be made in blanks to adjust on site without compromising any of the above – oversize on the joints then trim to suit. Due to it’s acrylic based composition, Apollo Slab Tech will expand and contract by approximately 1mm per metre – the worksurfaces should not be tightly installed to allow for this movement. A fine layer of dust is inevitable for up to 24 hours after installation. We have fully qualified and vastly experienced installation teams throughout the UK to provide you with an excellent fitting service, if required.

Please note Apollo Slab Tech is batch processed and shades may vary between batches due to Apollo Slab Tech being a blank product.

Dark, heavily pigmented colours will show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter, textured colours.

We offer free installation training, please contact our office for further details.