About Apollo Ceramicá

Apollo Ceramicá™ is an engineered stone, made of 100% natural materials with no resins or fillers, formed through intense pressure and heat to create a stone surface which is incredibly durable.

Features of Apollo Ceramicá™

  • Apollo Ceramicá™ is a sintered stone.
  • Full bodied, as workable as natural stone, allows edge details and labours in the material.
  • Surface finish mechanically applied, Lux (polish), Satin (honed), exactly as a granite or marble.
  • Made from natural minerals, natural pigments for the colours, nothing harmful in the product.
  • UV Fixed, no colour fade in natural light, insensitive to UV rays, consistency of colours.
  • Stain resistant with anti-bacterial bio-care to surfaces.
  • Heat resistant for hot pans, nom issues with thermal shock.
  • Scratch resistant with natural polish and honed face.